I am the Chief Engineer at 64 Studio Ltd where we develop software and hardware solutions for Embedded platforms, normally with an audio or multimedia focus. We have worked on some very interesting and varied developments since I started in 2010.

Most of the time I can be found in a dark room poking at the Linux Kernel trying to get an extra few bogomips of performance, crafting the final lines of an ALSA Soundcard driver, porting software to a newly released platform, laying out a circuit board or running hardware verification tests.

Currently I live in South East England with my partner. On the few days of sun we have a year, I enjoy getting away from the soldering iron and cycling around the rolling terrain.

I try to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing technology industry and investigate new platforms and single-board computers. When I feel like I’ve had too much digital, I restore sanity by repairing analog audio mixers, power amplifiers and turntables!

As well as being proficient in embedded software over a number of different languages I originally trained and worked as an Electronics Design Engineer so am used to debugging down to hardware-level.

Around 2008 I caught the Linux bug and have never looked back!

Mahalia (2010): Netbook Linux (PREEMPT_RT) Distribution for heading aid research (funded by HörTech GmbH)

Stevland (2011) (Netbook Linux Distribution with advanced accessibility features (funded by Media Access Australia)

Pideck Kool Herc (2016) (Raspberry Pi Linux Distribution for performance DJs also serving as reference R&D platform (funded by 64 Studio Ltd)

Mahalia (2018) (Beaglebone Black Linux (PREEMPT_RT) Distribution for hearing aid research, funded by HörTech gGmbH)